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Born in Mar 2021
Project image alt: Open-source chatting app for assigning tasks
Table of contents

ChekChat was my 1st attempt to build a startup. You can try the live demo with these credentials or register for one:


Most team collaboration apps like Slack, Discord, Trello, etc. requires users to toggle between apps causing context switching.

  • For example, developers use Trello to work on a task, then go to Slack to discuss → Users have to toggle between Slack and Trello → Causes context switching.

→ Context switching distracts developers to work on tasks.


Built an app that focused on tasks where users can chat in a room made for that specific task.


Worked in a team of three to build the app.

Tech stack

Coded the front end with React/NextJS, Redux, and Material UI hosted on Vercel.

Built the back end with SocketIO and Express deployed to Heroku.

Why we failed

Our team lost commitment over time due to not involving users in the process. Actually, we built before validating.

Seeing no validation was probably the biggest reason.