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Born in Jun 2023
Project image alt: The easiest way to create a website for home service businesses
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As a developer, I encountered a recurring challenge – the clunkiness and complexity of existing website builders. These tools, while powerful, often posed a steep learning curve for non-tech-savvy users, particularly small business owners. This sparked the idea for LynkTrade, a platform designed to simplify the process of creating a website, empowering entrepreneurs to establish their online presence effortlessly. This led to the launch of LynkTrade in Summer 2023.


Wix, Squarespace, and similar platforms were the go-to choices for many. However, for the average small business owner, navigating through these platforms felt akin to solving a puzzle. The need for a solution that streamlined the process became apparent, and thus, LynkTrade was born.


The core philosophy behind LynkTrade was elegance in simplicity. I envisioned a platform where users could build their site in just 3 three steps.

  1. Sign Up: LynkTrade kicks off with a straightforward onboarding process. Users can sign up and fill in their business name (and might be able to choose from a variety of professionally designed themes in the future).

  2. Customize with Ease: The heart of LynkTrade lies in its user-friendly customization options. No coding expertise required – users can effortlessly tailor their website to fit their brand, adding content and tweaking content with a few clicks.

  3. Go Live in Minutes: The final step is as simple as hitting the ‘Publish’ button. In under two minutes, users transition from a concept to a live website – a game-changer for small businesses eager to establish their digital footprint.

Result: One Customer at a Time

The journey of LynkTrade hasn’t been without its challenges, but witnessing the platform’s impact on small businesses has been incredibly rewarding. One success story stands out – two customers who, thanks to LynkTrade, now effortlessly manages their online presence, paying a monthly subscription for the service.

One of them knew about me on NextDoor. We met. I showed her the demo. She liked it and paid!


I don’t know how far LynkTrade can go, but this project shows that sometimes, the most profound solutions emerge from simplicity.