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NFC Orange

Born in Mar 2023
Project image alt: Modernize Career Fairs: Embrace the Paperless Revolution
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I blogged about this project. If interested, you can read the blog here.


NFC Orange addresses the inefficiencies of traditional career fairs by digitizing the process, eliminating the need for paper resumes, and providing a modern solution for students and recruiters to connect seamlessly.


We replace paper resumes with NFC cards that students can tap on recruiters’ phones to share their resumes. We also built a NFC reader that students could tap their card on. The reader would read the card and save it to the Recruiter dashboard we built.

Recruiter Dashboard

NFC Orange’s Recruiter Dashboard

During the course of the project, we had added more features like adding the Analytics feature for students to track how many times their profile has been viewed.


Worked in a team of two:

Tech stack

Front end: React, NextJS, Tailwind CSS.

Back end: NodeJS, Express.

Hardware: Particle Boron (for sending HTTP requests), RC522 (for reading the NFC cards).

Why we failed

Even though we successfully raised fund for this project from our Dean of College Business & Technology, we failed due to lack of product market fit. We had some early user’s interests (by handing out free cards and posting on social media), but there was no word-of-mouth or engagement.

Here is how often people tap their cards. As you can see, most of these came from me or Avish showing that not a lot have used it after receiving the cards. NFC Orange user scanning data from PostgreSQL

In addition, students still prefer taking their resume to the NFC cards, since recruiters have QR codes for students to scan and apply directly on their company’s job portal.